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Upcoming Events

Together on Tuesdays 

Tuesday, Dec 21 • 8:25 AM

M118 Public Safety Meeting 

Tuesday, Dec 21 • 9:55 AM


Winter Recess 

December 24-31


PA Contact


Barrett Schlotthauer &

Rachel Connors Phillippe



Nadia Murray Goodman &

Rahsaan Harris 

Co-Vice Presidents


Danielle Alden &

Shanna Tengshe



Margo Beth Fleming &

Adams Pinckney



Friends of MSC Updates:

THANK YOU for attending our General PA Meeting!

View our Past Meeting Notes Here

Warm Wishes from Friends of MSC Parent Association

We wish you a safe and healthy Winter Break and hope you can spend time with friends and family, making special memories. As we close this 2021 year, we wish you the very best and a Happy Sparkling New Year 2022!

We've Passed the 50% Mark!

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Thank you for acting on behalf of our kids! You are the heart of MSC.

Travel and COVID

Dear MSC Community,

We're sure you have heard that schools are seeing the highest number of COVID cases since they reopened in September. A few gentle reminders, as we would like to continue to stay open and safe!

If you and your children are eligible, please get the COVID-19 vaccine. Please remind your children that they should wear their face masks correctly, maintain physical distancing, sanitize and wash hands often and stay home when sick. These steps will help keep our school open and safe.

Traveling During Winter Recess

As we get closer to Winter Recess and family and joyous gatherings are being organized, please remember the following CDC advice if you plan on taking a trip.

Before You Travel

RECOMMENDED: If you are NOT fully vaccinated, get tested with a viral test 1-3 days before your trip.

After Travel

RECOMMENDED: All Travelers self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.

Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements after travel.

RECOMMENDED: If you are NOT fully vaccinated, get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after your trip.

Here is a link to the CDC Travel guidelines:


If you have any questions, please let me know!

Tatiana - THoover2@schools.nyc.gov

TikTok Challenges and School Safety

At MSC we take the safety of our students, staff and families very seriously. We have strong protocols in place and will continue to ensure that our building remains safe for everyone.

Chancellor Porter has shared information about "a social media challenge proposed on TikTok and other social media platforms encouraging students to "call in bomb threats, school shooting threats, etc." at schools across the United States. This social media challenge is not specific to only New York City, and many of the posts are general and not specific to any one school."

This is a good time to review some of the safety protocols in place at MSC. As you know, there is very limited access to visitors beyond the lobby. This protocol was put in place due to COVID, but it has made our building safer all around. School Safety calls the main office and one of us will go downstairs. That includes picking up and dropping off students.

In the morning at pickup, and also at dismissal, we have at least one person outside for every grade, so there is supervision. Teachers come down, and go outside to pick up and dismiss the students. No one enters the building for drop off.

This week we reminded staff of safety protocols we went over at the start of the school year (this is something we do around this time - 1/2 way thru the year). We have been practicing these safety protocols over the years, including emergency readiness, general response, missing students and responding to emergencies, door alarms, etc.

Please reach out to Tatiana at THoover2@schools.nyc.gov with any questions.

School Pictures - Now Available!

Dear MSC families,

The pictures from the MSC school portrait session are now online. To view the pictures, go to www.jdzphotography.com and click Client Access.

The password for K02 Gerri is: trgxh4

The password for K01 Julia is: TvEfXt

The password for K03 Kysha & Alba is: dYfZeU

The password for 1 Catherine is: dxXZQJ

The password for 103 Lynn is: NQEZmW

The password for 104 Nicolette is: wEmFXp

The password for 101 Ya’arah is: eRSFYZ

The password for 1 Catherine is: dxXZQJ

The password for 203 Carly & Rachel is: 586jVy

The password for 201 Karen is: xhnVG5

The password for 202 Sejal is: cnSBEh

The password for 303 Danielle & Nichole is: yKx6Ew

The password for 301 Michele is: j8ex8W

The password for 302 Stephanie is: hS6nm7

The password for 402 Elizabeth is: DcLDj8

The password for 403 John & Rachel is: fWDZa3

The password for 401 Katelyn is: a2dXNw

The password for 502 Gabriel is: 5vxPu6

The password for 503 Hilary & Fara is: JU7FJd

The password for 501 Kelly is: tgEr4n

The password for 602 Matthew is: hhYF3i

The password for 601 Sing & Celeste is: jMtyT5

The password for 701 Margarita & Raphael is: iN5cWe

The password for 702 Matthew is: qmhK8r

The password for 802 Alaina & Brian is: pxpTtu

The password for 801 Wyatt & Raphael is: KM7YnQ

You’ll be able to purchase prints and files directly through the secure website.

Please note: The class photo this year is a composite of individual headshots. The class photo is only available as a 5x7-inch print or a high-resolution file.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact JDZ Photography

M118 Public Safety Meeting

During the school calendar year, one meeting of the M118 Safety Committee is a PUBLIC MEETING.

Please note that our public meeting for 2021-22 will be held virtually on Tuesday, December 21st at 9:55am.

Topic: M118 Public Safety Meeting

Time: Dec 21, 2021 09:55 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 2179 0688

STEM Inquiry Winter Series

Want to spark your child’s curiosity?

STEM Inquiry: Hands-on Virtual Weekly Series

Lost and Found - Collection is Growing!

Lost and Found: If students forget an article of clothing/water bottle in the cafeteria or recess yard, our school aides Lorraine and Maxima will collect all items left behind. If there is a name, they will return it to the student's classroom.

If there is no name, we will save the items and they will be available for pick up at dismissal, once a week on Friday in the auditorium - our collection is growing! 

All items not claimed are placed in plastic bags and donated. Donations occur approximately 4 times a year - usually before a school break for holidays,  spring break and at the end of the year. Please claim your items!

Please label ALL items being brought into our school! Thank you

MSC Read-A-Thon

Starts: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Read-a-thons get your reader excited about reading and give friends and family the opportunity to encourage your child to read even more.

We've chosen Read-a-thon because it will not take much of your time, gives your child a reason to read, helps in the development of stronger reading skills and supports our PA.

Before winter break we will send home instructions on how to activate your reader's personal page. This is where you will be able to view and record reading progress and donate.

On Friday, January 21, we will be celebrating the end of the Read A Thon and encourage all the students to Dress Up As Your Favorite Book Character.

We hope EVERYONE participates!

THANK YOU from your Specialist Teachers

Dear families

Thank you for your generous gifts! We feel so lucky to work with your amazing children. We appreciate your thinking of us and we look forward to working with your children in 2022!

Have a wonderful vacation with your wonderful children!

The MSC specialists,

Shakira, Kris, Shelley, Nadia

MSC Green News

Composting locations near MSC are listed below, or View All Locations:

Farmer’s Markets

Thursday and Sunday: Broadway between 114th and 116th .

Friday: 97th street between Amsterdam and Columbus.

Sunday: American Museum of Natural History along Columbus and 77th

Drop-Off Receptacle Locations

Open 24/7: 321 West 126th and 128 West 127th

Click here to see what can be composted.

Textile Recycling:

The Down to Earth Farmer's Market on Saturday at 110th & Amsterdam has Textile Recycling, but no composting.

Christmas Tree Recycling:

Curbside from December 26th through January 15th. The Mulchfest event will be the weekend of January 8th. Locations and More Information.

To join the MSC Green Team, please contact Shakira

Email Shakira

Together on Tuesdays in Central Park

Next Meetup: Tuesday, December 21 @ 8:25am

Meet on the Sidewalk in Front of the Playground Pathway

Thank you to DANIELLE ALDEN and her husband TIM, for leading our Meetup! And...thank you to our community who showed up to participate!!

Join our MSC Parent Community on Tuesday Mornings after drop-off to begin your day with a run, walk or jog in Central Park. We will meet on the sidewalk in front of the playground pathway and walk over to the Reservoir at 8:25am. Everyone is welcome!

Happening in the Neighborhood

Coat Drive for Afghani Refugee Children

Money available for good ideas in New York City!

Citizens Committee for New York City has grant programs for community leaders and neighborhood businesses. For more information visit:


Interesting Reads


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