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Together on Tuesdays 

Tuesday, Dec 7 • 8:30 AM

IDC Meeting 

Thursday, Dec 9 • 9:30 AM

General PA Meeting 

Tuesday, Dec 14 • 9:00 AM


Winter Recess 

December 24-31


PA Contact


Barrett Schlotthauer &

Rachel Connors Phillippe



Nadia Murray Goodman &

Rahsaan Harris 

Co-Vice Presidents


Danielle Alden &

Shanna Tengshe



Margo Beth Fleming &

Adams Pinckney



Friends of MSC Updates:

Printer Installation

All Printers are installed and working on each floor! Our teaching staff is very grateful to have the ability to print and copy - thank you to all the parents who voted to use our Tech Fund for this purchase.

Save the Date: General PA Meeting on Tues, Dec 14 @9:00am

Curbside Community Coffee

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first Curbside Community Coffee. We are so thankful for YOU - the heart of MSC!

Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity that celebrates the season we’re in. And, that makes today the perfect occasion for Family Giving.

Does your workplace match charitable contributions?

We want every corporate dollar that is available through our families. And, some companies double or even triple gifts made today. So, follow this link to donate now, and check in with your office.

Have you tapped your treasure and donated your time to our school community?

Please look into whether your workplace has a Dollars for Doers program; many companies give to the charity of your choice in exchange for community service.

Finally, please let us know if you need help completing your company match forms. You can reach us at cotreasurer@friendsofmsc.org.

Your gifts, and your employers’, will keep us connected and learning throughout this school year.

School Picture Day

With the help of our Parent Volunteers (thank you!!) MSC was able to secure our school photographer to take "school pictures" this week.

Students and staff are scheduled to have their pictures taken on Wednesday, December 1 or Friday December 3rd. In order to keep this as safe as possible pictures will be taken outside in the Little Yard. There will be no class pictures only individual pictures of each child. Please make sure your child is wearing clothes you would like to see in their pictures!

Parent Volunteer Sign-up Sheet:   MSC PICTURE DAY SIGN-UP SHEET   

Final Schedule by Class for Pictures- School Pictures Class Time Slots 

Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee

Do you care about creating a school that works better for all, and optimally prepares our children to thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex world? Please join us at the next meeting on December 9th at 9:30 AM.  Contribute your fabulous ideas as we decide how to use our budget to strengthen our school community.  And, as always, please bring any IDC related concerns.  We’re here to help and support as we can.  We hope to see you there!

Email IDC
RSVP for IDC Meeting

Holiday Greetings from the Book Room!

Our Book Room parent volunteers have worked hard and poured so much love into the Book Room during the past two months. They were thrilled to accomplish their deadline and open it by Thanksgiving! It's a joy to see the room clean, clear and looking like the good old days! It's a lovely sweet room that we know teachers and kids love to be in. Some photos are attached to celebrate the occasion.

Giving back and taking part in meaningful activities is so fulfilling and important, especially these days. All MSC parents are lucky to be in a school community that offers us these priceless moments.

Wishing you all a fantastic, healthy and safe holiday season. 

All the best,

The Book Room Team

Join our Book Room Volunteers

MSC Read-A-Thon

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Read-a-thons get your reader excited about reading and give friends and family the opportunity to encourage your child to read even more.

We've chosen Read-a-thon because it will not take much of your time, gives your child a reason to read, helps in the development of stronger reading skills and supports our PA.

Before winter break we will send home instructions on how to activate your reader's personal page. This is where you will be able to view and record reading progress and donate.

We hope EVERYONE participates.

MSC Green News

Dear Families,

We would like to plant some daffodil bulbs in the Little Yard Playground with our Kindergarten classes. I am seeking parents to loan shovels, and/or to help dig 6 inch deep holes on Thursday December 2 after school.

Please write to Shakira at sprovasoli@schools.nyc.gov if you can help and/or loan a shovel.

Email Shakira

Together on Tuesdays in Central Park

First Meetup: Tuesday, December 7 @ 8:30am in the Big Yard

Join our MSC Parent Community on Tuesday Mornings after drop-off to begin your day with a run, walk or jog in Central Park. We will meet in the Big Yard and walk over to the Reservoir at 8:35am. Everyone is welcome!

Sign our Petition - Scaffolding Removal Efforts

Are you tired of sending your kid(s) to school in a construction zone? Do you think that having access to the entire big yard at recess is preferable to having only partial access? If you are a K-2 parent, do you dread the morning drop-off mayhem that ensues every time rain floods the big/little yards? If you are an ICT parent, do you worry about your child’s safety as he/she navigates the various construction-related perils on and around the premises? Do you simply want your kids to see actual sunlight from their classroom windows? If you answered “yes”, “maybe”, or even “I’m not sure” to any of the foregoing, then SIGN OUR PETITION.

Our goal is to have this construction competed as soon as possible and signing this petition is one way to exert pressure to expedite completion (and scaffolding removal) ASAP.


In the News:

ABC covered this issue on Wednesday of last week: 


UWS Patch covered it, too:


Join Us: If parents want to join the crusade to have the construction work completed and scaffolding removed ASAP, you can reach out to Gui Stampur or Lynn Feng directly. Both parents have students in Kysha’s Kindergarten class. 

Happening in the Neighborhood

Money available for good ideas in New York City!

Citizens Committee for New York City has grant programs for community leaders and neighborhood businesses. For more information visit:



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