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General PA Meeting

Tuesday, Nov 9 • 7:00 PM


Veteran's Day

Thursday, Nov 11

IDC Meeting

Thursday, Nov 11 • 5:30 PM


PA Contact


Barrett Schlotthauer &

Rachel Connors Phillippe



Nadia Murray Goodman & Rahsaan Harris 

Co-Vice Presidents


Danielle Alden &

Shanna Tengshe



Margo Beth Fleming &

Adams Pinckney



Friends of MSC Updates:

Here are some initiatives the PA is working on:

Vaccine Drive TODAY at MSC

Save the Date: General PA Meeting, Nov 9 @ 7pm

RSVP for General PA Meeting

PS 333 MSC Official Spirit Wear Sale!

Shop a selection of shirts, totes, water bottles, and more for a limited time only - the store closes on November 21. Don’t miss out!

Shop the Collection Here

Classroom Supplies

The parent association's bulk order of supplies has arrived. While this will fill the gap for now, we are looking into other options to create a system that is more efficient, economical, and will keep the supply closet stocked with basic supplies for all classrooms. We welcome anyone who wishes to help. 

Help Manage Classroom Supplies

Virtual Reading Buddies

Future Events and Partnerships

A quick shout out to the many parents who have suggested events and partnerships to bring to MSC this year - Thank YOU! We have a number of exciting things in the works for this year. Have a great idea? Please share! We are always interested in hearing about the events YOU want to see at MSC. 

Suggestions Welcome

Family Giving

Dear Friends of MSC,

Through one-time donations, recurring monthly gifts, and corporate matching, our community has pledged just over $25,000 toward our target of $110,000; that’s 23% in 8 weeks. Bravo!

What’s even more amazing is that this generosity is the result of 21 families that have, thus far, participated in Family Giving. We will easily reach our goal if every MSC household gives what it can. And, you’ll immediately see the impact of your donation in:
  • Water service for every classroom that requests it;

  • Classroom materials to remedy gaps in the supply chain and meet our teachers’ needs;

  • MSC’s hallmark greenhouse science program;

  • Arts instruction through our partnership with Harmonize Kids;

  • MSC’s book room;

  • Scholarships for afterschool programming;

  • Counseling for middle schoolers who are applying to high school;

  • Teacher training to hone our instructors’ craft;

  • And more...

Now is the time to raise as much as we can and engage as many families as we can, so please donate now. And thank you, to the families that have given already.

Greenhouse News

It has been harder to eat our produce in a safe way, so we figured we would share with families!

Once every 4-6 weeks students will bring home a plant to share with their families. Usually this will be a leafy green such as lettuce, Kale, Swiss chard, or Pac Choi. Students are either bringing them home in their lunchbox or in a reusable bag. If you wouldn’t mind washing the bag and sending it back in with your child that would be super helpful. Also, 2-5 graders have been working on sustainability projects to improve the environment at school. Some made paper projects, which are hanging around the school, and some made digital projects, click to view!

Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee

Thank you to members of the MSC community who have volunteered for important IDC service roles.  Your commitment is deeply appreciated!

Our next virtual meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 11th at 5:30 PM.  Among other things, we must make decisions about how to use our budget.  Workshops for the community?  Community building events?  What do you suggest?  Join us!  We welcome your input.  

Yes! I will attend on Nov 11

Read-a-Thon Volunteers

Our first ever Read-a-Thon is in need of volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering or thinking about it, please reach out for more information.

Volunteer for Read-a-Thon

Ongoing: Candy Wrapper Recycling

Have candy wrappers in October/November? You can recycle them! Shakira signed us up for a candy wrapper recycling program, just in case anyone was planning on letting their kids eat some candy. Find out which day your child has Greenhouse Science, and put EMPTY wrappers in a sealed baggie (that can get recycled, too!)

Program is available until mid November.

Click Here for More Information About the Recycling Program

Shakira Provasoli

PS 333

Manhattan School for Children 


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