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Wednesday, Oct 6 • 3:15 PM


Indigenous Peoples Day

Monday, Oct 11

General PA Meeting

Tuesday, Oct 12 • 9:15 AM

IDC Committee Meeting

Thursday, Oct 14 • 9:30 AM


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Barrett Schlotthauer &

Rachel Connors Phillippe



Nadia Murray Goodman & Rahsaan Harris 

Co-Vice Presidents



Danielle Alden



Margo Beth Fleming &

Adams Pinckney



Friends of MSC Updates:

Here are some updates on what the PA is working on.

If you have a concern you'd like addressed or an idea for an initiative you'd like to share, please let us know! 

Water for Classrooms

Water delivery will begin within the next two weeks for kindergarten and ICT classrooms, as well as those classrooms who requested service. 

Lockers for Middle Schoolers

For the time being, lockers will continue to not be available for middle school students. Administration recognizes that it's an imposition on students, as it's an important rite of passage to have lockers.  However, we're still in a pandemic, and it's a small ask in order to keep the school safe and open.

Teachers have been reminded that students be allowed to leave their backpacks in the classrooms to reduce how much they have to carry from class to class.

Administration will revisit this policy in mid October. With COVID numbers decreasing, it may be possible to relax the locker protocol and allow students access.

Update: 30K in 30 Days

Dear Friends of MSC,

It’s hard to believe that our kids have been in school for three weeks already. To those of you who’ve taken part in Family Giving, THANK YOU! You are the heart of MSC.

So far, we’ve raised $10,615.18 in this fiscal year, and we can anticipate another $3555 based on recurring donations through June. This is an amazing start, considering that 12 families have donated through the website so far.

There’s still one week to reach our stretch goal: Can we raise 30K by the 30th day of school?

Every gift counts, just as every community member counts. So, chip in what you can and let’s see what a difference seven days can make. It’s as easy as clicking this link or scanning this QR code:

With big thanks,

Margo and Adams

Co-Treasurers, Friends of MSC


Save the Date! October PA Meeting

Tuesday, October 12 • 9:00 AM

Click Here to Register

We always have "New Business" on the agenda, so bring your ideas!

Join the Parent Green Team (PGT)!

Shakira is seeking parents and guardians to join a virtual Parent Green Team. This committee will brainstorm ways to incorporate practices for general sustainability, as well as the health of our students. Meeting day and time will be determined via a poll.

Interested parents should reach out to sprovasoli@schools.nyc.gov

by Friday, October 8.

Candy Wrapper Recycling

Have candy wrappers in October/November? You can recycle them! Shakira signed us up for a candy wrapper recycling program, just in case anyone was planning on letting their kids eat some candy. Find out which day your child has Greenhouse Science, and put EMPTY wrappers in a sealed baggie (that can get recycled, too!)

Program is available until mid November.

Click Here for More Information About the Recycling Program

Shakira Provasoli

PS 333

Manhattan School for Children 

Committee Update: School Leadership Team (SLT)

*We are still looking to elect one more parent representative for the SLT.*

If you are interested please let us know.

We will hold the election for this position during the next PA meeting on October 12.

The School Leadership Team (SLT) met on Wednesday, September 29. They were joined by District 3 Parent Advocate, Tracy McClaire, and District 3 Deputy Superintendent Cynthia Dickman.

After electing officers to lead the team, focus turned towards familiarizing the team with MSC's Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). Moving forward, the team plans to identify primary goals and the allocation of resources to support those goals.

Click Here for More Information About the SLT

The next SLT meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6 at 3:15 PM via Zoom. All parents are welcome to attend.

Committee Update: Inclusiveness & Diversity (IDC)

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s kick-off Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee meeting.  How wonderful to see faces familiar and new!  The importance of your participation and contribution cannot be quantified.  Claire would like to engage in an ongoing dialogue with the committee.  We’re still looking for community members interested in this service.  If you’re curious to know more or have any IDC related concerns, please contact us via email msc333.diversity@gmail.com.  The next meeting will be on October 14th at 9:30 am.  Join us.

Click Here to Register for the 10/14 IDC Meeting

Best wishes,


Team Up for Success:

Strengthening School-Home Partnerships

In order for students to succeed, teachers need parents and parents need teachers, especially this year! Every week, leading up to parent/teacher conferences, Learning Heroes will be sharing free, easy-to-use resources that help elevate parent voice and strengthen home-school partnerships in support of learning. 

This week: Check out the “Dear Teacher” personalized letter to help parents share important insights about their family and child.

NYCDOE: Mindfulness Classes on Parent University

Mindfulness is emerging in public education based on 60 years of teachers, parents, and families discovering and utilizing these strategies of stress management, attentional focus, awareness, acceptance, and self-regulation to: 

  • Stay with & realize solutions to personal and public challenges and changes 

  • Increase one's capacity to notice and appreciate life in ways that support resilience 

  • Support joyful learning and growth 

  • Develop critical thinking skills

Join us each Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm as we build community and harness the power of self-care and self-healing through the discovery of the conscious breath, meditation, and movement.

Register Here

All In for New York City Week

October 11 - 15

The Citizens Committee for New York City is asking all New Yorkers to do what they do best - take action. CitizensNYC will match volunteers to projects where their location, talents, or both align throughout the five boroughs. Folks will get the chance to roll up their sleeves at schools, gardens, and other community hubs, do hands-on activities like cleaning up a local garden, calling seniors to say hi and check-in, or delivering food to those in need, all while building relationships with neighbors and grantee partners.

Let’s be in community and strengthen bonds with colleagues, friends, and fellow New Yorkers.

Click Here for More Information

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