Upcoming Events

Broadway ❤️ MSC 

Monday, May 16 • 6:30 PM

FOMSC Open House

Executive Team Elections

Wed, May 18 • 7:00 PM

Chat with Claire 

Friday, May 20 • 8:25 AM

Memorial Day


Monday, May 30


PA Contact


Barrett Schlotthauer &

Rachel Connors Phillippe



Nadia Murray Goodman &

Rahsaan Harris 

Co-Vice Presidents


Danielle Alden &

Shanna Tengshe



Margo Beth Fleming &

Adams Pinckney



Friends of MSC Updates:

THANK YOU for your support of our Broadway Loves MSC!!

Special THANK YOU to Megan Sikora (Broadway Veteran and MSC Mom)

& Sebastian Ortiz (MSC Student) for hosting our event!

And...a shout-out to our Friends of MSC Co-Presidents

Thank you for making this incredible event happen!!

We had an amazing evening of fun, food and spectacular entertainment!

Friends of MSC - Executive Team Open House

We invite you to join us our Zoom Open House on Wednesday, May 18 at 7pm to learn about the open opportunities on our Executive Team. We encourage YOU to get involved and spread the word! Please nominate members of our community, or you are welcome to self-nominate if you are interested!

We are looking for enthusiasm and positive energy to move our Friends of MSC Executive Team forward during the 2022-23 School Year!

Yes! I will attend the Open House

Save the Date: Saturday, June 11 - End of Year School Picnic!

Planning is currently underway for our End of Year School Picnic. This will be an opportunity to bring our community together to celebrate accomplishments of the past year, make some fun memories and prepare for the upcoming months of SUMMER BREAK!

Plastic-Free Lunch Day!

MCS participated with our first Plastic-Free Lunch Day! In support of the City's goal of sending zero waste to landfill by 2030, all elementary schools with on-site kitchens participated with a Plastic-Free Lunch Day (PFLD) on May 16; plastics were not used in schools’ food preparation, packaging, or plating for students.

The menu consisted of foods that did not require the use of utensils, like pizza, whole fresh fruit, peanut (sunflower) butter and jelly sandwiches, broccoli florets, and cheese sandwiches. Note that while no utensils were necessary, utensils were available upon request. Plastic cups were still offered for drinks, however students were encouraged to bring their own cup or reusable bottle.

MSC Book Room

Volunteer with your Child(ren) in the Book Room

During the month of May, we will be offering afternoon volunteer opportunities for you and your child(ren).

Some activities you can do together:

1. fix the books in our Hospital Bin.

2. scan barcodes.

3. place books back on the shelves.

4. place stickers on books.

Available shifts:

Wednesday, May 18th @ 3-4:30pm

Wednesday, May 25th @ 3-4:30pm

If you are interested in volunteering alongside your child(ren), please email us at msc.bookroom@gmail.com. Please include the shift you are interested in and the name and grade of your child(ren) who will be joining you.

We look forward to your participation.

The Book Room Team

Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s meeting! The next and last scheduled IDC meeting this school year will take place on Thursday, June 9th at 5:30 PM via Zoom. Join us!

RSVP for JUNE IDC Meeting

If you have any diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns, please email us msc333.diversity@gmail.com

And… it’s not too late to fill out the IDC Pandemic Film Project Survey. Be a part of the film or just help us shape it by filling out the survey. (Thanks to those who’ve already done so and have expressed interest in being interviewed! You’ll be hearing from us soon. For real!)

IDC Project Survey

Questions regarding the film? Contact us at


Save the Date: Science Fair

Our MSC Science Fair will be virtual this year, with a Zoom Conference to share livestream for the Science Fair. There will also a Padlet available to view project details for our participants.

Please save the date for May 26, 2002 from 9am to 11am. See you there!

Last Chance to Order School Pictures - 25% Off!

Dear MSC Parents,

The school year is nearly over, but there’s still time to order pictures from the MSC school portrait session. We’re offering 25% off orders of prints or files.

Simply enter MSC25 into the coupon code field in your shopping cart.

Please hurry, though: this offer, and the school photo galleries, expires Wednesday, June 1st.

To view the pictures, go to www.jdzphotography.com and click Client Access.

The password for K02 Gerri is: trgxh4

The password for K01 Julia is: TvEfXt

The password for K03 Kysha & Alba is: dYfZeU

The password for 1 Catherine is: dxXZQJ

The password for 103 Lynn is: NQEZmW

The password for 104 Nicolette is: wEmFXp

The password for 101 Ya’arah is: eRSFYZ

The password for 203 Carly & Rachel is: 586jVy

The password for 201 Karen is: xhnVG5

The password for 202 Sejal is: cnSBEh

The password for 303 Danielle & Nichole is: yKx6Ew

The password for 301 Michele is: j8ex8W

The password for 302 Stephanie is: hS6nm7

The password for 402 Elizabeth is: DcLDj8

The password for 403 John & Rachel is: fWDZa3

The password for 401 Katelyn is: a2dXNw

The password for 502 Gabriel is: 5vxPu6

The password for 503 Hilary & Fara is: JU7FJd

The password for 501 Kelly is: tgEr4n

The password for 602 Matthew is: hhYF3i

The password for 601 Sing & Celeste is: jMtyT5

The password for 702 Matthew is: qmhK8r

The password for 701 Margarita & Raphael is: iN5cWe

The password for 802 Alaina & Brian is: pxpTtu

The password for 801 Wyatt & Raphael is: KM7YnQ

You’ll be able to purchase prints and files directly through the secure website.

Please note: the class photo this year is a composite of individual headshots. The class photo is only available as a 5x7-inch print or a high-resolution file.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need the access info.


Jeff Zorabedian

JDZ Photography LLC

They Might Be Parents

Come celebrate with our very own MSC Parent/Teacher Band... Live at Connelly's Pub on 45th Street - 8pm!

Teacher Appreciation Continues

We received this wonderful photo of Michele's Class 301 and wanted to share with our community. If you have any additional photos you would like to have featured in our FOMSC Newsletter, please share them here!

Summer Rising Enrollment Now Open

Summer Rising enrollment is now open!

Summer Rising Enrollment

If you have any questions, please contact the summer enrollment team directly at summer@schools.nyc.gov

Happening in the Neighborhood 


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