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Tuesday, Mar 8 • 8:25 AM

PA General Meeting 

Tuesday, Mar 8 • 7:00 PM

March IDC Meeting 

Thursday, Mar 10 • 5:30 PM

Together on Tuesdays 

Tuesday, Feb 15 • 8:25 AM


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Barrett Schlotthauer &

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Nadia Murray Goodman &

Rahsaan Harris 

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Friends of MSC Updates:

Welcome back from Winter Break! We hope you had some time to relax and unwind...and share some family time. It was so nice to see everyone back at school after a nice break. Now the outdoor mask mandate has ended, we can share smiles again during recess! Enjoy.

Save the Date

General PA Meeting next Tuesday, March 8 at 7pm!

Relatives & Special Friends (RSF) Day - March 18

Planning is underway for RSF Day and we need your ideas to make this day a success! Please consider volunteering to help prepare for and facilitate this special day for our community!

THANK YOU to all volunteers who help with Lost & Found clean up! Many of the items were reclaimed, and the last remaining items were donated to a charitable cause.

And...THANK YOU to the volunteers who help with our Book Donation to Urban Hope NYC in Staten Island. This is a wonderful initiative to share books and continue to inspire a love for reading.

Participatory Budgeting


Each year, residents in each participating City Council district can decide how to spend capital and/or discretionary expense funding. MSC, Community Action and Lafayette Academy are working together.

Our Goal: Upgrade Accessible Auditorium at the Joan of Arc building (M118) for the benefit of 3 Public Schools and the Greater Community.


Gale Brewer’s office is looking for volunteers to help with this program. They have requested 5 people, with an estimated time commitment of 1.5 hours a week from mid Feb thru mid March.

There will be 3 parts to the volunteering:

BALLOTS: Based on the city agency feedback and input from Council Member, volunteers will help to determine how many projects appear on the public ballot and which ones.

OUTREACH: Once the ballot is determined volunteers need to get the word out for people to vote.

STAFFING: Help staff voting sites during voting week.

Given that volunteers are able to provide input on projects, it seems this would be a great opportunity for our MSC community to help move this project forward!

Call for Disposable Water Bottles

Shakira needs disposable water bottles for a fourth grade project. Students can place empty water bottles in a labeled box outside the greenhouse. Thank you!

Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee

Thanks to everyone who joined last week’s IDC meeting. Already, we’re implementing creative ideas generated through your participation, including sharing a weekly resource you might find interesting and useful. Someone asked about how gender identity and equity are addressed at school. Below are links to the DOE’s guidelines.

Guidelines to Support Transgender and Gender Expansive Students

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines

Join us at the next virtual meeting on March 10th at 5:30 PM. If you need more immediate support, email us msc333.diversity@gmail.com

West Side Hoops

Learn More - Register

Baked Goods for Teachers - March 15

On Tuesday, March 15 we are looking for bakers to volunteer to bring in baked goods for our teachers to show our appreciation and let them know how SWEET they are!

Baked goods need to be dropped off at the front desk after all the kids are dropped off and hallways are cleared. Tatiana and Malaka will bring all the treats up to the 5th floor to the teacher lounge for the teachers to enjoy!

You don't have to bake to help volunteer, we need volunteers to help bring in paper products for approximately 100 teachers and staff.

We would like to do this on a monthly basis for our teachers. If you are interested please fill out the Google Doc with this link.

Google Spreadsheet

Together on Tuesdays in Central Park

Next Meetup: Tuesday, March 8 @ 8:25am

Meet on the Sidewalk in Front of the Playground Pathway

Thank you to DANIELLE ALDEN and her husband TIM, for leading our Meetup! And...thank you to our community who showed up to participate!!

Join our MSC Parent Community on Tuesday Mornings after drop-off to begin your day with a run, walk or jog in Central Park. We will meet on the sidewalk in front of the playground pathway and walk over to the Reservoir at 8:25am. Everyone is welcome!

NYC DOE School Survery

Your students should have a copy of our NYC DOE School Survey to share with you, which includes your access code. We strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to share information about P.S. 333 Manhattan School for Children.

"...The survey gives school leaders a better understanding of what you and other members of your school community think about your school. The information collected by the survey is designed to support a dialogue among all members of your school community about how to make your school a better place to learn."

Access the NYC DOE School Survey


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