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October 27, 8:55am

Respect for All Assemblies

Middle School Cohort B

October 29, 6:00pm

Family Workshop:

Google Classroom 101

October 30, 8:50-9:37am

Middle School

Student Work Showcase

November 2, 8:55am

Respect for All Assemblies

Middle School Cohort D

November 2-15

Opt-In for In-Person Learning

November 3


All students learn remotely

November 4-5

Family Conferences

November 5


November 5, 8:55am

Respect for All Assemblies

Middle School Cohort A

November 10, 7:00pm

PA General Membership Meeting via Zoom




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Letter from Claire


Dear Families,   

Over the past week, I have had many conversations with teachers, families, and students about how things are going so far. The honesty and willingness to share feedback has left a strong impression on me. I have taken lots of notes in my notebook and have reread them multiple times.   

The overarching themes are constantly adjusting, school feeling very different, it is daunting to live in a sense of unknown every day. Feeling confused about groupings, cohorts and schedules. At the same time, teachers shared that they are getting used to teaching in a new way and getting to know students in person, remote, and blended.  We all are impressed how in this new normal, students keep their masks on and are socially distant.   

Some families are very pleased with the hybrid model and some are very upset. How do we balance?   

It is challenging to balance remote teaching with live/synchronous instruction for a K-8 school who shares staff across grades. How do we continue to foster independence, and provide access to all our students? When speaking with middle school remote students they stated “the kids in school get lessons and independent work time with the real teachers. So, they can ask questions if they get confused, but we have to send emails and wait until they respond to figure out what to do.” The remote group shares a solution: “If you just record the teachers while they teach the live kids, even if it isn't live for us and it's recorded and put on google classroom I feel like it would be a lot more helpful.”   

Listening to teachers, families and students made me start thinking and reflecting on our mission statement. I reread it and asked myself: how are things going so far?  

Our mission is to be a caring community of lifelong learners, with collaborative teaching in a workshop model where students are doing most of the talking and heavy lifting of their learning. Teachers are facilitators and coaches. Inclusion is intentional and we want to de-standardize curriculum to allow access for all learners.     

We all have different feelings, experiences, and perspectives about how school is going. We have been asked to create an inclusive community with students who learn at home, at school, sometimes both and that is very hard. It makes sense to feel disconnected. How do we stay true to our mission? We talk, we meet, we share ideas, we write drafts, and we continue to lead with trial and error. We all have never returned to school this way before. We know that we all are committed to ensuring that students are safe, and we want them to feel cared for and seen.   

As we head into the next opt in window for in person learning, we are looking at ways to adjust the landscape so there are more opportunities for students to learn as one community with all their impressive, dedicated teachers.  Our continued goal is to be one MSC caring school community that is committed to teaching and supporting students who learn in person at school and remotely at home.   

Thank you for your continued dialogue, support, problem solving and dedication to our school. Please continue to be patient, flexible and respectful to each other as we navigate the next month of school together.   





There will be only one blended learning opt-in window for families through the last day of the 2020-2021 school year.  This best meets the needs of students, families, teachers, and staff as we can establish strong routines and structures for learning. 


The process for blended learning opt-in is as follows: 

Important Dates: 

  • Monday, November 2 – Sunday November15:
    Blended Learning Opt-In Window for Families.

    Click on this link:
NYC DOE Learning Preference Survey

  • Families requesting to change from 100% remote to blended learning should complete and submit the learning preference survey during this window.  Schools will be able to review individual students’ updated learning preference on a rolling basis. 
  • November 30: Students Begin In-Person Learning 


Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility. Having one opt in window really allows us the opportunities to make any adjustments needed for the rest of the year.  




Update to Grading Policy

Click here for the updated 2020-2021 grading policy.

NYC DOE Updated Grading Policy

If you have questions, please contact:

Kerry KPowers3@schools.nyc.gov (Grades K-5)

Ben bschott@schools.nyc.gov (Grades 6-8) 

K-5 Grade School Survey

Hello K-5 Families,

Please complete the following survey by this Friday, October 30th.

We'd like to hear from you how school is going for you.

Thank you!

K-5 School Survey


Dear 8th Grade Families:

History for 8th graders will begin on Wednesday, October 28th for students in all cohorts.  As you may be aware, we have a teacher shortage which has caused the delayed start for history.  Alaina will be teaching this course and has planned a robust history experience for all students.  All sessions will occur remotely.  Please read the below to better understand the schedule and the course that she has planned for our 8th graders.  You will receive google meet invites to your scheduled sessions.

Please reach out to me (bschott@schools.nyc.gov ) or Alaina (astorck@schools.nyc.gov) if you have any questions.

Thank you for you patience and understanding,

Benjamin Schott

Assistant Principal

Manhattan School for Children (03M333)


History Schedule by Cohort For Remote Class:


We will be using the NYC Passport curriculum to guide our work. Students will be presented weekly with essential questions that will guide our weekly work. During the week, students will have assignments to complete, and opportunities to meet as a group to go over assignments, and check for overall understanding of the week and unit.


We will be using the Passport Curriculum interactive lesson slides, as well as supplemental materials and assignments, to guide our history work this year. Lessons will be posted the day they are due. Reflections will be posted on Fridays and will be due Monday at the end of the day.  If you are going to miss a live session, please email me to explain your absense and so I can provide you with the asynchronous materials you will need to complete the work that would be completed in your live session.


These slides are pretty user friendly- there are blue text boxes you can write your answers directly into. I will then go through and grade these slides. During live sessions this week I will explain more in depth how to use the slides!


There will be 4 lessons a week that should be completed by Friday and one reflection assignment, due on Mondays. Two of those lessons will be completed during your live session with me. The other two you will be responsible for completing independently. After completing the four lessons you will be asked to do a reflection activity- this will sometimes be a written reflection, sometimes an online discussion, or an assignment you need to complete.


If students need extra support, they can come to office hours on Mondays or Wednesdays.


Assignments, again taken from the NYC Passport curriculum, include readings of primary and secondary sources, looking at maps, charts and other graphics to interpret data, writing or note-taking. These assignments will be used to answer end of week reflection and discussion questions to check for understanding and deepen understanding of key historical concepts.

The focus of our class will be on analyzing historical events, understanding multiple perspectives, and considering the causes and effects of historical events. Recall and test-taking will NOT be a focus-instead building skills that allow students to apply historical concepts to a variety of events and thinking critically about history will take precedence.


At the end of each unit, students will engage in a summative project that will show their mastery of key concepts. This project might be an essay, a formal discussion, or a project!


Students will receive weekly grades on assignments, discussions, and for participating in small groups. A monthly history notebook check will also be an important part of students’ grade-tracking that students are taking notes during lessons, small groups and discussions, completing any reflection assignments or do nows, and holding on to key information, events, and vocabulary.


A summative assessment, as mentioned above, will be a major grade (mastery) for each unit. This will be a grade students can redo, within reason, to improve their grade.



What if I miss a live session?

Students can still complete the work even if they cannot attend a live session. If a student misses a class they should reach out to someone in their class for the missing materials, and check Google Classroom. 

What if I’m having trouble with work?

Email me. I can set up a time, or provide resources or feedback to help you. Do NOT write a private comment.

What if I finish my work and want more to do?

There are many history-content specific websites available, as well as books, podcasts and documentaries you can explore to deepen your historica understanding! Reach out and I can send you in the right direction.

What if I’m confused about when I have history?

Email me! Also refer to the “Cohort” Schedule in this Syllabus.  Remember, if you’d a “D” student, you were also assigned a “A” or “B” letter. If you don’t know what this is, email me or Ben or ask your advisor!

When am I supposed to complete this history work? I don’t have it on my schedule?

If you’re having trouble with the work-load or time-management please reach out to me via email. I can help you prioritize assignments, give you extensions, etc. But you need to let me know. That being said, I do believe there is some room in your schedule where you can sneak in some history work :)

Students should join the history Google Classroom page:

8th Grade History Google Classroom Page

Code: kmealf3

Letter to Middle School Families

Dear Middle School Families:


Over the past week, Claire and I have visited with all of the cohort “D” (remote) Advisories.  It has been wonderful to reconnect with our students who are learning remotely and learn from their experience this year. After this conversation we are taking steps to address their concerns including increasing the collaboration between subject teachers and intentionally grouping hybrid and remote students in activities whenever we can.  This is just the start.  Our program will continue to evolve over time.


The end of marking period 1 is tomorrow.  We have many exciting events and partnerships to look forward to as we begin marking period 2.

Middle School History6th and 7th grade History

Doug will work remotely for the remainder of this semester.  Starting on Wednesday, October 28, all students will follow the below schedule.  Please note that times have not changed, however, the A/B/D groups will meet with him everyday, whether they are in school or learning remotely.  

*Please note that when you see class 601/602 or 701/702 it is comprised of 6A1/2, 6B1/2, 6A1D/2 6B1D/2 or 7A1/2, 7B1/2, 7A1D/2, 7B1D/2

Inside Broadway Partnership:

With a grant from Manhattan Borough President, Helen Rosenthal, we are excited to announce a partnership with Inside Broadway.   All middle school students will participate in a program called NYC Together Again.  Students will work with Broadway Teaching Artists to write, rehearse and perform an original musical.   Our goal is to include a shared experience for all middle school students both in person and remote as part of our Arts program. Sessions will occur remotely during the school day. The program will begin on December 1 and culminate in a live watch party of the finished product in early March.

Early Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) Partnership:

After a successful pilot with our current 8th grade class last year, we will be partnering with the Early RAPP program to provide relationship and sexual health education workshops for 6-8 grade students throughout this school year.  The workshops will take place in mixed cohort groups remotely during selected advisory periods and will rotate to each grade starting with the 6th grade.  The workshops will be facilitated by Quinn Marchman from Early RAPP and will be attended by MSC Advisors.  We understand that you may choose to conduct sexual health lessons with your child and would prefer to opt them out of these workshops.  Attached you will find a letter from the Chancellor and two letters with information on how to opt your child out of these workshops.

What is Early RAPP?

Early RAPP uses a healthy relationship training model to provide free and interactive prevention education to over 50 DOE Schools serving 6th-8th grade around New York City. Community Educators provide workshops to students, parents, school staff, and community organizations. We also facilitate ongoing healthy relationship curricula and connect students and families to critical support services and counseling. 

What kind of workshops are offered?

Throughout our core workshops, Early RAPP facilitates critical conversations about relationship abuse, meaningful consent, sexual harassment, boundaries and how to recognize and cultivate healthy relationships. They will also offer supplemental workshops following the four-part series including Gender Roles, Gender Identity & Sexuality, The Four I's of Oppression, Bullying, and more.


6th Grade 11/2 -12/21, 4/26 - 5/10

7th Grade 1/4 - 2/8, 5/17 - 6/7

8th Grade 2/22 - 4/19 

Respect for All Student Assemblies

Ali, our Respect for All Liaison and School Social Worker, will lead students through a Respect for All assembly.  The sessions will take place during remote advisory times.  Families are welcome to attend.  The google meet invite will be forthcoming.

A Cohort will meet on 11/5 from 8:55-9:30

B Cohort will meet on 10/27 from from 8:55-9:30

D Cohort will meet on 11/2 from 8:55-9:30

Digital Citizenship Week 

As part of our advisory program, we will be devoting sessions next week to digital citizenship.  Students will learn about what it means to be an engaged and informed digital citizen.  More information can be found here:

Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship Week Info

Please do not hesitate to contact me at Bschott@schools.nyc.gov if you have any questions.




Benjamin Schott

Assistant Principal


Please click on the following to see updated middle school schedules:


Need supplies?

Contact Malaka to get what you need!

Email Malaka

Family Workshop: Google Classroom 101

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

6:00 PM

Join Here!

* Please note that this meeting will be recorded and posted to ps333.org



Our first students work showcase of the 2020-2021 school year will occur on Friday, October 30 from 8:50-9:37.  The showcase will occur in mixed cohort groups on google meet.  The below list will indicate which group your child will be assigned to.

Please note that your child will receive an invite to their group from the host teacher.  

6A1+6A1D with Raphael and Dinko
6B1+6B1D with Anna
6A2+6A2D with Mary Ann and Logan
6B2+6B2D with Rachel

7A1+7A1D with Brian
7B1+7B1D with Matthew
7A2+7A2D with Malaka and Doug
7B2+7B2D with Ali

8A1+8A1D with Alaina
8B1+8B1D with Wyatt 
8A2+8A2D with Margarita and Diana
8B2+8B2D with Shelley

What is student work showcase?
Student Work Showcases are an essential part of our MSC philosophy, mission and culture. Publishing celebrations and student work showcases are celebrations of learning for students, teachers and families in our school community.

Teachers and students organize student work showcases after each unit of study. This is a culmination of all the work the students have learned throughout the course of a unit/module. 

Virtual roundtable presentations are an authentic and powerful way for our students to demonstrate what they have learned and mastered. Students select one piece of work from each marking period, write a reflection and are assessed by peers using a teacher/student created rubric that is included in a student portfolio. We have four round table student work showcases per year.



Dear Families,

Family conferences will take place on November 4th (evening session) and November 5th (afternoon session.) All scheduled parent-teacher conferences (afternoon and evening) will occur remotely. This is an important opportunity for teachers and families to review progress together and set individual goals for students. Teachers will discuss strengths, next steps, and provide information about what your child should be working towards as the second grading period starts.

Families can access progress reports and report cards from marking period #1 on https://mystudent.nyc beginning on November 4th. For assistance in gaining access, contact Malaka at MBanks5@schools.nyc.gov. To streamline the scheduling process, we will use our Google Classroom platform.

Session times and scheduling details are as follows:




Wednesday, November 4, 2020: Evening- 4:30 pm -7:30 pm 

Thursday, November 5, 2020: Afternoon- 12:10 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.


  • Teachers will create a google meet. Ten minutes will be allotted per family 

  • If a family cannot make the google meet slot, notify the teacher. Teacher will reschedule the family conference during office hours



Tuesday, November 3, 2020:  Elections Day- 8:50am to 2:40pm

(November 3rd is a remote learning day for all students.

Students will be learning asynchronously)

Wednesday, November 4, 2020: Evening- 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm 

Thursday, November 5, 2020: Afternoon- 12:10 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.


  • Teachers will create a google meet based on the assignments below.  Ten minutes will be allotted per family

  • If a family cannot make the google meet slot, or if families want to meet with a teacher not on the list, notify the teachers.  Teachers will reschedule the family conference during office hours


6th Grade - Anna, Logan, Rachel, Doug 

7th Grade - Matthew, Logan, Brian, Mary Ann

8th Grade - Alaina, Wyatt, Raphael, Margarita

UFT Citywide Parent and Family

Virtual Conference 2020

D3 Friends and Family,

On behalf of the UFT: 

Parents, guardians and students are invited to the annual UFT parent and family conference. This year's event will be citywide and held entirely online. There will be more than 30 workshops to choose from, a teen conference and child's programming. 

Registration is required:

Register Here

During the parent and family conference, there will also be a teen summit for youth between the ages of 13 and 18. We'll have workshops, music and more.

See the flier in English, Spanish and Chinese.

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