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We have two open positions on the Friends of MSC Executive Board – Co-President and Co-Vice President.  We will be having a special election to fill the vacancies at our next General PA Meeting on Wednesday, October 12th at 7pm via Zoom.  Descriptions of the open positions taken from the FOMSC By-Laws are below.  Please join us – Your voice matters!  


President or Co-Presidents. The President(s) shall be the Chief Exec[1]utive Officer of the PA. The President(s) or their designee, shall convene and preside at all meetings of the association and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. The President(s) shall delegate responsibilities to other PA officers and members and shall encourage meaningful participation in all Parent and school activities. The President(s) shall attend all regular meetings of the District 3 Presidents’ Council, shall be a mandatory member of the School Leadership Team and attend the monthly school safety meetings. The President(s) shall also act as the President of the 501(c)(3). The President(s) shall meet regularly with Executive Board Members in accordance with these Bylaws to plan the agendas for general membership meetings. The President(s) shall be one of the eligible signatories on checks. The President(s) shall act as a liaison between the PA and the school admin[1]istration and shall meet on a semi-regular basis with the Principal. The President(s) or the President’s designee (upon approval by the general membership) may attend the New York City DOE’s professional development seminars relating to association lead[1]ership. The office of President or Co-President are the same office and the same term limits apply whether a person acts as either a President or Co-President or a combination of the two for the period allowed under Article IV Section 4 herein. There shall be no more than two (2) Co-Presidents. 7 The President or one of the Co-Presidents shall be one of the “selectors” in the election of parent members to serve on the Community Education Council (“CEC”) as outlined in CR A-660. In the case of Co-Presidents, the Executive Board will decide which Co[1]President shall vote as the School PA President. 


Vice President or Co- Vice Presidents. The Vice President or co-vice presidents of the PA will assist the president or Co-presidents in any manner that the Co-presidents request and shall assume the duties of the President or Co-Presidents’ duties in his/her or their absence or at the President’s or Co-Presidents’ request. The Vice President or Co-Vice President shall be responsible for hospitality for designated PA events and meetings.

"Friends of MSC" is the parent association that supports the work and mission of The Manhattan School for Children, PS 333.
We are a registered not-for-profit 501c3.
Email: copres@friendsofmsc.org

MSC Website:
School Office: (212) 222-1450

154 West 93rd St.
New York, NY  10025

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