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Family Giving

How do I contribute? 

To contribute, please click here or the DONATE NOW button on the Friends of MSC site.  Additionally, if you prefer to pay by cash or check, we will have Family Giving Representatives stationed around the school, just send us an email to establish a meeting spot.

Why do I need to participate?

MSC’s vibrant learning environment depends on resources that far exceed the NYC Department of Education’s basic funding.  Without your contributions, the Parent Association would not be able to provide enrichment programs and vital resources that enhance our children’s experience at MSC.

Where does my money go?

Your generosity allows the Friends of MSC Parent Association to supplement the school’s basics with phenomenal enrichment for our Teachers, Kids, Learning Spaces and the Community at large.

Programs include but are not limited to: Harmonize Kidz, Greenhouse space and complimentary science program, recess coach, staff professional development, Broadway loves MSC, Kids Rock,  the middle school musical, and more!

What time of year is best to donate?

Donations are welcome and appreciated throughout the school year.   If possible, we suggest donating early as your contribution will be used to fund programs over the course of the school year.

Families can chose a ONE-TIME or RECURRING donation option.  The recurring donation is an excellent option if you would like to spread your donation over the year. To participate in the recurring, click MONTHLY on the Friends of MSC site.

How much should I give?

Our goal is an average contribution of $900 per family.  However, more important than the dollar value, we seek 100% family participation at whatever level families can contribute.  Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated. We have families who give $20 and families who give $5500+. Every dollar makes a difference.  

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! Friends of MSC is a not-for-profit 501c3. You will receive an acknowledgment of your donation which will serve as your tax deduction letter.

Do I need to contribute if my kids are in middle school?

Absolutely! This is a K-8 school and all fundraising supports ALL GRADES

Some key initiatives include:
8th grade celebration, 8th grade high school consultant, Middle school musical, 8th grade field trips, scholarships 
All learning spaces (greenhouse, rugs, AC units, general repair and maintenance)
All teacher support-is equally distributed for Middle school teachers (all technical support for smart boards, teacher laptops, student computers), teacher appreciation, professional development seminars, and more!

What is a matching gift?

You can double your impact with a company match. To see if your employer participates, check with your HR department or ask the Family Giving Committee (mscfamilygiving@gmail.com) to check for you.

Who can I contact with further questions?
You can email the Family Giving Committee at FamilyGiving@friendsofmsc.org.


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