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Family Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to participate?

The heartbeat of MSC–a vibrant, progressive learning environment–depends on resources that far exceed the NYC Department of Education’s basic funding. Without your contributions, the Parent Association would not be able to provide vital resources that help to define our children’s experience at school.

How are Family Giving funds used?

2020-2021 is a year like none other. During this time, the Friends of MSC are focused on creating community through a dual mission of working toward equity and providing support. We are, for example, already funding: technology for students and teachers in need, must-have supplies upon request, teacher training to support blended and remote instruction, and counseling for middle schoolers who are applying to high school this year.

Family Giving underwrites expenditures over the course of this school year, meaning that they directly benefit our students right now. The Parent Association directs these funds, though we work in collaboration with our talented teachers and administration. You can view the PA Budget here and attend virtual PA General Meetings (schedule here) to learn more about our initiatives.

In the face of great uncertainty, the Friends of MSC is committed to listening to our community and guiding us towards equitable solutions as issues arise. Our aim is to fund the needs we know now and amass a small “rainy day fund” that gives us the flexibility to address new challenges if or as they arise.

How can I contribute?

To make it easy for you to participate, there are many ways to give. This link will direct you to the Family Giving page on the Friends of MSC site. From there, you may make a one-time contribution or set up recurring monthly payments in an increment of your choice over twelve months. Monthly installments help families lower the cost they pay at any given time, while enabling the Parents Association to plan for incoming funds. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please email FamilyGiving@friendsofmsc.org and a member of the Family Giving team will provide you with mailing instructions or arrange a masked meet-up to collect your gift.

When should I donate?

Donations are welcome and appreciated throughout the school year. At the same time, we encourage you to donate early, for two reasons. First, your contribution will be used to fund programs over the course of this school year.

How much should I give?

We have two goals this year: 100% participation across the school and contribution at whatever level your family can give.

Let’s seize 2021 and make it great! Leadership gifts will jump start our efforts, while participation gifts of any size will help us reach our goals. Here are some levels for your consideration:

Leadership Gifts





Participation Gifts




Remember that gifts can be one-time or monthly and your contribution is tax deductible. (When you donate, you will receive an acknowledgement email, which will serve as your tax deduction letter.)

We have families who give $20 and families who give more than $5000. Truly, every gift counts, just as every community member counts. 

After I’ve given what I can, how can I expand my impact?

Here are three ideas: 
  1. Find out if your employer offers a corporate match. Check with your HR department or ask the Family Giving Committee (FamilyGiving@friendsofmsc.org) to ask for you.

  2. Seek extended family giving by sharing the Family Giving page with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and close family friends for contributions of any size on behalf of our kids.

  3. Remember that your talent and time count as much as your treasure. Send an email to the Family Giving Committee if you are willing to write a grant to expand your family’s contribution. Someone on our grants team will follow up with you. If you have other ideas, please reach out to our leadership team, whose email addresses can be found here.

Who can I contact with further questions about Family Giving?

You can email the Family Giving Committee at FamilyGiving@friendsofmsc.org.


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