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Middle School: Student Work Showcase

  • 30 Oct 2020
  • 8:50 AM - 9:37 AM

Our first students work showcase of the 2020-2021 school year will occur on Friday, October 30 from 8:50-9:37.  The showcase will occur in mixed cohort groups on google meet.  The below list will indicate which group your child will be assigned to.

Please note that your child will receive an invite to their group from the host teacher.  

6A1+6A1D with Raphael and Dinko
6B1+6B1D with Anna
6A2+6A2D with Mary Ann and Logan
6B2+6B2D with Rachel

7A1+7A1D with Brian
7B1+7B1D with Matthew
7A2+7A2D with Malaka and Doug
7B2+7B2D with Ali

8A1+8A1D with Alaina
8B1+8B1D with Wyatt 
8A2+8A2D with Margarita and Diana
8B2+8B2D with Shelley

What is student work showcase?
Student Work Showcases are an essential part of our MSC philosophy, mission and culture. Publishing celebrations and student work showcases are celebrations of learning for students, teachers and families in our school community.

Teachers and students organize student work showcases after each unit of study. This is a culmination of all the work the students have learned throughout the course of a unit/module. 

Virtual roundtable presentations are an authentic and powerful way for our students to demonstrate what they have learned and mastered. Students select one piece of work from each marking period, write a reflection and are assessed by peers using a teacher/student created rubric that is included in a student portfolio. We have four round table student work showcases per year.


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