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Co-President -

Barrett Schlotthauer


Barrett is a parent to a rising 5th grader and has been involved with the PA for 3 years now. Co-treasurer (2 years) and 1 year as Co-Pres.  After some challenging years and focus on tightening the effectiveness of the PA budget, He looks forward to focusing on creating a cohesive community at MSC while supporting our children's needs as they grow both socially and intellectually. Barrett believes that treating every child at MSC as one's own will lead all our students and families to have a rewarding and successful experience TOGETHER at PS 333.

Jessie Nieves

My name is Yassiel Nieves, and I'm the mom of Vennie Perez, a kindergartener at MSC, and Felicity Griswold, a 7th grader who attends Lafayette Academy. Despite the fact that it is my first year at MSC. I have over 25 years of experience working with the community. I have proudly worked as the community coordinator for your local community board for over 16 years.

Without any training or experience, I joined the PTA in 2015. Through structure, networking, and communication, I was able to grow parent involvement and community. I was Co-President of the Presidents Council in 2018–2019 and completed a second term as Co–Secretary in 2020–21, however I was forced to step down after my family was stricken with Covid.

I am aware that each PTA at a school has a unique dynamic, but as a proactive parent, I am ready to help or offer support to the school leadership and our school community.

Co-Vice President -

Noah Odabashian

Born in Chile and grew up on the Upper West Side - attending P.S. 87, Computer School and Beacon High School. Upon coming back to the Upper West Side and starting a family, I was saddened to see how segregated my neighborhood has become. My goal as a member of this community, in an elected position or otherwise, is to foster diversity and support spaces where all voices are heard - students, teachers, and parents.

Wendy Cohen

My name is Wendy Cohen, my son Arturo is in 4th grade now in Elizabeth’s class. I was on a waiting list to get into MSC and when I found out there was an opening at the school, I promised myself I would get involved at MSC to show my appreciation. I volunteered as a class parent in kindergarten. Every year since,  I have been a class parent and my goal has been to try to build a community as a grade.   I volunteered to be class parent coordinator with Linda Saffire 2 years again hoping to get more parents involved with their children’s class and share the same passion I do.  Last year I had an idea to do a Read A Thon. The idea of asking friends and family to reward our kids for reading seemed like the perfect fund raiser to do at MSC. I asked Amanda Del Bene and my husband Jorge Warman to help organize this event and our small team raised $15K for MSC.  We are hoping this year to make it even more successful.   But one of the events I am most proud of was helping organize Teacher Appreciation week.  Having the kids decorate signs recognizing all  of our extraordinary  teachers during  Teacher Appreciation Week showed me how special and lucky we are to be part of MSC.  If everyone could contribute a small amount of time, just think what we can do for our children's school.  


Amanda Del Bene

Amanda is the parent to a 4th grader (Leo) and 2nd grader (Jake).  This is the first year Amanda has joined the executive board but she has been involved with the PA in the past - co-chairing the school wide read-a-thon.  She is looking forward to helping continue the work the PA has done to bring the community together.  

Adams Pinckney

Adams Pinckney is a 2nd Grade dad and thoroughly enjoys the MSC community. He is an architect and happy to help make the school year the best possible experience for all students and families.


Elodie Croas

Elodie is originally from France and is currently a parent of a 2nd grader at MSC. She is enthusiastic about helping to build a strong community and ensure that our kids have the most positive school experience. 


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